Data-river (2021), Kōdos
Claudio Filho & Fernanda Oliveira

The work Data-river seeks to re-signify human-data-landscape relations, intervening in the code of operation of digital images. What we propose with the work is a resumption of attention to these invisible operations of images. The method was to subvert the geolocation logics (real coordinates in physical space) of photographs of rivers present in personal databases and include them as decentralization vectors in the programming of a digital image (virtual space code lines) through the software P5.js. By codes we understand the entire layer that makes up the images, the result is abstract images in which the disruption of pixels programmed from the numerical data of geographic coordinates, reveal their movement and disruption in the automatic processing logic of digital images, presented in a format that highlights the hybridity of the image located on the boundaries between photography and landscape. The paradox of the presence of technology in the environment is the information overload, based on the increased reach of technological products. Which creates an illusion of democratic access related to the evolution of the acquisition of digital communication devices. 

Data-river proposes an environment that is built across multiple interactions. Data-river tries to unlimit the gesture imposed by technological mediations and its implications on the body, in a collective regime, in the processes of co-learning between humans and non-humans. This reflects in proposals for new modes of existence driven by art, a new meaning for the relationships between humans, nature, and technology. 

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Prêmio Funarte Artes Visuais, categoria Arte Digital - Olimpíadas das artes visuais 2022.